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Colwyn Bay, North Wales

‎Michelle Gillam‎ to Anthony Waring Hypnotherapy

3 mins ·

I recently undertook Hypnotherapy with Jon to stop smoking. As I was unable to travel, Jon came to my home and we did the session there. Before we started, Jon talked me through what as was to expect during hypnosis.

I was really nervous before our talk but once we had spoken in detail, I was ready to undergo the session feeling relaxed and at ease.

I have been smoking for 30 years and have tried many times and lots of methods to give up. Though I was apprehensive about Hypnotherapy, Jon was recommend to me by my friend. Since the session, the thought of smoking makes me feel sick! I can’t thank him enough and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to stop smoking! Thank you Jon.

 recommends Anthony Waring Hypnotherapy.

15 March ·

well what can i say this man is amazing at what he does. 5 wks ago i was a mess!!! very over weight, no confidence, not one bit of self esteem oh and had terrible panic attacks. i walked into his office the first time a complete mess, i was every nervous i really didnt no what to expect but jon is very professional. he makes u feel very calm and does not judge u. After having 3 hypnotherapy sessions with jon ive lost 40lb, no panic attacks and so much confidence and self esteem. I can not thank u enough u have changed my life.

recommends Anthony Waring Hypnotherapy.

8 January ·

I decided I wanted to quit smoking before my grandchildren game along, I tried many of ways to do so and nothing worked.

I then went online and read up about hypnotherapy and decided I would give it a try.

I heard positive comments of many people about Anthony Waring Hypnotherapy, I then booked a session to quite smoking and I haven't touched a single cigarette since and I have saved a fortune i highly recommend his high trained and professional service.